Small Business Plan Sample

there are several elements that you need to know and also understand about writing a business plan because without them you really won’t have a good solid business plan when it comes to writing a business plan there are eight main components but

what we’re going to talk about it’s just a few of them the cover sheet the table context the executive summary the mission statement the marketing plan or strategy products or services plan or strategy the operations plan or strategy information on your business

the financial plan or strategy is the final one okay today we’re going to talk about some of these sections of a business plan but of course we’re not going to talk about all of them we just want to give you a good general idea about getting together writing a business plan and

what you need to do to get it going okay what we’re talking about today is a small business plan how to write a small business Quinn there are several things that you need to know that you definitely need to include into your small business plan first thing you need to include is a cover sheet on the cover sheet what you want to do is write the name of the company

I recommend that you put the word confidential in red that’s to let anyone who’s not supposed to be looking at this business plan know that it’s not directly for them under that go ahead and put the word business plan next you should write interested parties who should be contacted what that is are the people that are in the company the major officers in the company who need to be contacted to who would have all the information about this business plan for example if I was a lender these are the folks

that I would contact to ask about this business plan under that go ahead and write the name of the company name this should be smaller of course with the key contact person the address of the company the phone number the Internet address and any other contact information that will be used where the person that you were trying to get some sort of assistance from will be able to contact you next you should write you should have the section called the table of contents some of the main ingredients to a business plan are the executive summary the mission statement and the marketing plan go ahead and put those in your table context and then also put the information about these sections under it for example in the mission in the executive summary section go ahead at the company direction the company objectives the management team the product strategy production and delivery for the products you