Kauai SBDC small business start up – Machine Machine Apparel

my business is machine machine apparel and it’s a clothing line for women mainly dresses and tops and bottoms I like to use vintage fabrics

as well as new fabric very interested in prints and colors and keeping things one-of-a-kind essentially no two dresses are alike there’s always a passion of mine to alter designs I bought from store or from the thrift store and recreate them to something that was more me and more unique so

I started translate the idea for other women and experimented and put things on the internet to see how they’ve sold and people love them so I can’t need to do that and just stuck true to my vision of originality the website is really

really helpful definitely wouldn’t have a business without it it’s an awesome tool and necessary I love having the shop space it’s very inspiring to me I love seeing the reaction of customers and bouncing ideas off of customers and friends and

I’ve realized that a huge passion of mine is to represent different creative types and you create a platform to encourage creativity and nurture it so part of my vision now is to work on the shop in terms of providing more opportunities for other artists so machine machine can help different small businesses to grow I never sought funding I’ve always just saved my money save my profit and reinvested it into the business and bit by a bit build it up wear whatever I made

I would just pour back into the company the best advice is to be brave and stand behind your vision and pour your whole self into it just give it your all and don’t back down from your passions one of the preconceptions that is tempting to fall into you on a small island is that there aren’t enough opportunities however I see the opposite and I think that because there isn’t a lot of opportunities out there for Colquitt it’s actually the best opportunity to you can be a trailblazer you can do what you want and people will be very receptive and be very proud of you and applaud you for doing it because you’re doing it you you