How To Get A $50K Small Business Loan In 3 Days Business Investment Funding

alternative lending solutions under utilized by SMBs when it comes to small business loans for say working capital system upgrades remodels expansion other needs the availability of alternative

lending solutions is certainly available but unfortunately many small business owners are unaware of them in fact the new study by payroll financing solution reveals that for businesses with up to 7 million dollars in sales a whopping 70% are uninformed when

it comes to alternative financing options and these are businesses like restaurants and transportation companies veterinary practices minority-owned businesses nightclubs and so forth and may these business owners believe that if they apply in a traditional bank or their lending institution for

their small business loans you know they’re going to be turned down because of poor credit lack of credit or some other eligibility problem the report also showed that many believe they lack the collateral necessary to an approval for the small business loans that they need further worsening the problem is that many of these small business

owners because they felt the chances of actually getting a small business loan was so remote well they didn’t take the time even fill out applications feeling that it would be a waste of their time and many aren’t aware that for many alternative loans the applications are free the interest rates are quite reasonable and they have a high approval rate not only that but many alternative loans have flexible options for repayment and are at very reasonable terms the fact is that in the last several years

Small Business Development has actually been funded in large part due to alternative lenders and their fast simple loan processes the relationship based lending and their low interest but short term business loans many also offer a line of credit and can help small business owners under the Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act as well as help them with credit card processing and credit card terminals if more small business owners were aware of this fact many of them would certainly take advantage of these excellent small business loan opportunities