Easy Small Business Idea To Start With

easy small business idea to start with rupees 3000 so wall poster online have you heard it if not.

I will tell you about this business this is a unique business and gives you better profits for this you don’t need to have an actual product just create image and upload in popular e-commerce sites after.

you get an order print image in a 3 plus poster sticker and send it to the customer address things needed computer with internet connection Photoshop or any image editing software investment a plus poster sticker for each product cost around 35 rupees packaging cost for each product 10 rupees sober product

you need 45 your piece you can get 66 wall poster for rupees 3000 first create a seller account on fill card Amazon eBay Snapdeal and shop clues calm after that search for wall poster sticker and those sites it shows list of wall posters that got more sales note down almost sold products create wall poster similar to that and upload images in those sites if

you get an order go to nearby printing shop and get a three plus wall poster sticker print for that image then packed it and send it to the customer addressed outset you can sell each wall poster sticker for 200 rupees with the profit of hundred rupees if you sell 66 poster you will get 66 and to 100 equals 6,000 rupees profit at first start with small budget if you get more orders increase or budget to earn good profits thanks for watching subscribe for more videos