Business Coaching

Business Coaching

What is Business Coaching?

The role of the business coach is to assist business owners to improve their business results by providing support, guidance, motivation and mentoring in the areas of:

Sales and Marketing
Succession Planning
Strategic Planning
Business Profile
Personnel Management
Resulting in:

Increased control of your business
More personal time to achieve a better work life balance
Greater enjoyment of your business
Improved financial performance
Business coaching does not achieve results overnight and involves an on-going commitment by both parties. To maximise the effectiveness of Business Coaching, both parties need to agree that their relationship will be built upon the values of honesty, trust, confidentiality, reliability, dependability, practicality, relevance and commitment.

Cost $80 per hour + GST.

Contact: Lyndon Hay

Terms and Conditions of Engagement

Responsibilities of the Client

The client, by acceptance of the terms of this letter, agrees to meet the following responsibilities which include:

Providing supervised access to necessary financial, production and marketing records to enable an accurate assessment of the business to be determined.
Advising the business coach of any major changes in policies, procedures, operational systems, marketing arrangements, legal or ownership structure, legal actions, decision to sell or close the business or similar that may impact upon the performance of the business.
Committing sufficient time to the Business Coaching process to maximise results. It is anticipated that coaching sessions after the initial assessment will be held monthly for a two hour period.
Implementing agreed improvements and alterations.
Recording, monitoring and evaluating such improvements or alterations.
Responsibilities of the Coach

All information concerning the client will be held in strict confidence by the coach and CSBEC.
The coach?s role is to assist and educate the client to develop better business skills and practices to help achieve better long-term business results.
Commit sufficient time to the Business Coaching process to maximise results.
Provide honest feedback on business systems and performance that will lead to improved business systems, business capability and individual skills.
Provide specialist advice in the six key coaching areas outlined above.
Suggest appropriate evaluation systems to monitor the business performance.

General Conditions

Business Coaching is an advisory service. Any advice, verbal or written, rendered by my business coach is given in good faith, and no responsibility can by taken by my business coach for the consequences of reliance placed on such advice.
It is understood that neither the business coach nor CSBEC take any responsibility for the success or failure of the client?s business venture.
The role of the coach is advisory and not of actually doing the activity itself. Should you specifically request the business coach to implement activities for you, then this will incur an additional fee.
Both parties recognise that at times one or the other of the parties may be unavailable and that it may be necessary to reschedule a business meeting. Where possible, such notice will be five working days prior to an appointment, but no less than 24 hours in advance.
The initial commitment from both parties is for a six month period which will be reviewed after three months to ensure satisfaction with the service.
This agreement is governed by and in accordance with New Zealand law.