Company Documentation

Upon incorporation of your company, you will receive the following:

Certificate of Incorporation (and spare copies)

Standard Constitution by Auckland District Law Society

Opening Minutes

Share Registers

  • Share Register 
  • Register of Shares Issued and Payments Made 
  • Journal of Shares Transfers

Register of Director’s Interests

  • Directors’ Interest Register – General
  • Directors Interest Register – Specific
  • Payments or Benefits Received by Directors
  • Directors’ and Employees’ Indemnity and Insurance
  • Register of Directors

Other Registers

  • Disclosure of Company Information
  • Acquisition of Disposition of Relevant Interest
  • Register of Documents Executed Equivalent to Deeds
  • Charges Register
  • Register of Registered Office
  • Register of Address for Service
  • Register of Postal Address
  • Fixed Asset Register
  • Statutory Obligations of Companies and their Directors 20


  • Information about records the company must keep