Day Course

Day Course
This four day course is run on Tuesday over 4 weeks.             
The course starts on the first Tuesday of each month from February to November. The four modules include planning, business compliance, marketing and financial.

Succeeding in business
Many budding entrepreneurs set up their business based solely on the great practical skills they have for providing a service. Statistics tell us that a good number fail in business because they do not have the necessary knowledge to manage the other areas of business as outlined below. This course will work these through with you and provide you with a sound overview of the knowledge and skills required to succeed in business.  The course includes real business scenarios and valuable tips and templates to help you develop a successful small business venture.

 Planning  Compliance  Marketing  Financial
+ Business viability
+ Financial planning
+ Business planning
+ Business records
+ Cashbook & reconciliation
+ Legal structures
+ Market research
+ Marketing
+ Advertising-promotion
+ Costing & pricing
+ Sources of finance
+ Taxation

Course Fee
$190 including GST for the four modules or $55 per day GST inclusive.
If two or more people attend from the same business a 50% discount is offered for the second and subsequent persons.

1 person $190      2 people $285        3 people $380 (1 free)

Payment options
Payment options are cash (paid at our office), cheque or direct debit into our bank account.

Please ensure that you put your name in the particulars column and the words “Business Course” in the code/reference column.
To enrol online, please click here to complete the application form 
or email or phone Lindsay on 366 9978.

See the schedule below. The course starts with Planning module on 1st Tuesday each month.
Venue: Kiwi Family Trust, 420 St Asaph Street, Christchurch.


Check viability
Financial planning
Business Planning
9.15am to 2.30am
Business records
Cashbook & reconciliation
Legal structure
9.15am to 2.30pm
Market research
9.15am to
Costing & Pricing
Financing a business
9.15am to 2.30pm
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