Course Registration

Course Registration Form First Name: Family name: Gender: Male FemaleAddress: Postal Address: (if different) Contact Phone Number: Secondary Contact Number: Email: Background Information Are you Currently: EmployedSelf EmployedReceiving WINZ supportDo you have NZ Citizenship, Residency or a Long Term Business Visa? Yes No Business Status Are you:Brief description of your business or business concept. Please give details of your previous industry experience relating to you proposed venture. Please give detail of any businesses you have managed in the past. Research & planing that you have completed.Courses Which Course/Courses are you interested in: Business Start-up seminar
A one off workshop held every Friday 10am-12noon
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Day Course
Tuesday 9.15am-2.3pm over 4 weeks
Evening Course
Tues & Thur evenings for 3 weeks
7pm – 9.30pm

Migrant Course
A two week course Monday to Friday 9am –
Weekend Course
Saturday & Sunday 9am to 4.30pm
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