About Us

About Us

Christchurch Small Business Enterprise Centre (CSBEC) was established in 1983 and our vision is to promote people-centred employment, economic and enterprise development in the Canterbury region.

CSBEC currently offers a range of services to start-up and existing micro and small business owners including business facilitation and consultancy, business development plans, marketing advice and reports, management planning and budgeting, finance advice, tourism consultancy and training courses. The Centre is an approved trainer, facilitator and vetting agency for the Enterprise Allowance Scheme provided by Work and Income.

CSBEC also provides under contract specialist business training and advisory services for migrants who have been resident in New Zealand for less than two years and wish to either enter into self-employment or invest in a New Zealand business.

CSBEC also runs an employment placement service under contract with Work and Income to assist long-term unemployed entering into the labour market.

Community is important to us and CSBEC acts as an umbrella and support organisation to many not-for-profit organisations. We have been involved in many local economic development projects ranging from forestry initiatives, Maori tourism, Canterbury labour needs analysis to environmental products and export marketing.

CSBEC has a special interest in the creation of social enterprises, social entrepreneurship, social accounting and auditing.

CSBEC Staff photo 20120111
 Staff and board members attending the 2012 planning day